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[Murata Products] Murata commercializes common mode choke coil for LVD…

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  • Date : 22-05-19 14:31
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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has newly commercialized the noise suppression product common mode choke coil DLW21SH_HQ2 Series (hereinafter referred to as the product), which are suitable for use with high-speed interfaces used in automobiles such as LVDS*, USB, and HDMI. The products have now entered mass production.

  • *LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling): An interface used for LCD panels.

Recent automobiles have begun making increasing use of displays to output information for everything from infotainment to safety-related systems, such as electronic side mirror cameras, smart rearview mirrors, panoramic view monitors, head-up displays, and LCD speedometers. LVDS is increasingly being used as an interface for transferring image and video data to displays. Murata has now commercialized a highly reliable product that can also be used with safety systems.
The product is also effective as a noise suppression measure for interfaces such as USB and HDMI that connect smartphones and vehicle-mounted displays.

(source : Murata)