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[Event-Murata news] CEATEC 2022

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Main image of CEATEC 2022


Murata Manufacturing will be exhibiting at CEATEC 2022.

The event is a platform for building a super smart society – Society 5.0. The intent of Society 5.0 is to build economic growth and resolve social issues via a system that combines cyber and physical space at a high level. The implementation of Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, AI, etc. has already impacted all kinds of industries, as well as our everyday lives. Through the expansion of efforts such as 5G service and autonomous driving, we can realize Society 5.0 and create unprecedented new value for industry and society alike.
Murata’s booth showcases the company’s unique devices and solutions that support a Smart Society -- connecting people, things, and activities.

Murata exhibition details

Smart Society Zone

To achieve a super-smart society, sophisticated networks that can gather and process diverse data from various places swiftly and reliably are essential. Murata Manufacturing is contributing to the establishment of these networks for next-generation social infrastructure by supplying durable wireless communications and sensing technology, its core areas of expertise.

Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® modules using Murata Manufacturing's high-density, high-frequency design technology contribute to the miniaturization of our customers' products and reduce time to market. By leveraging our expertise, we have created an environment that lowers the barriers for entering the wireless market for people other than specialists. We will showcase wireless devices, data services, etc. designed for a variety of uses.

  • In-Car

We will highlight wireless communications technology for monitoring people inside a car, a six-axis, one-package inertial force sensor for precisely determining an automobile's location data, and more.

  • Out-Car

As mobility requires more advanced, sophisticated communications solutions, we will showcase our Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) module, various AGV and drone products, and more.


Solutions Zone

The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought about significant changes in our value system and social environment. Focusing on technology that can be beneficial in that environment, we will showcase solutions for the visualization of room data such as CO₂ density. We will also introduce innovative new technology that can create antimicrobial properties by using piezoelectric effects of plant-derived polylactide fibers to generate electricity from the wearer's movements without the use of chemicals.

Must-see Items

  • Room visualization solution AIRSual
  • Piezoelectric antimicrobial fiber PIECLEX
  • Miraisens
  • NAONA, solving communications issues with "the power of data"

Social issues/ESG/Wellness Zone

In addition, Murata will also showcase projects aiming to solve complex social problems. We will also cover our efforts in Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), including the reduction of the environmental burden of MLCCs and our efforts to enhance external collaboration through idea creation and technological exchange with partners in the Open Innovation Zone.

Must-see Items

  • η projects
  • MLCCs and SDGs
  • Magnetorheological Elastomer(MRE)
  • Fatigue Stress Detector
Image of Murata's booth


SessionOctober 18 (Tuesday) to October 21 (Friday), 2022
LocationMakuhari Messe
Official website
Murata booth numberK002
Murata online booth* October 18 (Tuesday) to October 31 (Monday), 2022

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