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[Murata Products] New Bluetooth® LE Module delivers industry’s lowest …

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  • Date : 23-09-27 09:43
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Murata today announced the launch of its newest Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) module, the Type 2EG. Based on the RSL15 secure Bluetooth 5.2 MCU from onsemi, the product delivers a fully certified, secured, ultra-small Bluetooth LE solution with the industry’s lowest power consumption. It also supports new Bluetooth 5.2 specifications, including long range, proximity, a high transmit rate, and up to 10 simultaneous connections. Target markets include connected IoT edge devices in industrial and medical applications.

Battery powered IoT devices enabled with wireless connectivity have made millions of remote monitoring and controlling use cases a reality. The key lies in two major features: long battery life and secured data communication. The Type 2EG solution delivers the lowest power consumption in the Bluetooth LE module market because both of its radio and built-in micro-processor are highly power efficient. The on-board Arm® Cortex®-M33 processor can remain in a deep sleep mode while still monitoring sensor interfaces. Additionally, the solution includes Arm®TrustZone® and Arm CryptoCell™-312 technologies that provide root of trust and unsurpassed data security protection.

The miniaturized module measures just 7mm × 7.4mm × 1.0mm. It also integrates Bluetooth LE SoC, RF front end, fast and slow clock for operation and sleep mode, a large value inductor for low power mode, as well as an on-board antenna. This highly integrated, fully-certified solution simplifies IoT device system design to shorten the time-to-market.

“We are proud to launch this best-in-class product as it helps resolve two of the most pressing issues for those designing IoT applications – power efficiency and security,” said Jue Chang, Senior Marketing Manager at Murata. “This announcement underscores our commitment to developing the game-changing solutions that the market demands – and leveraging our trusted relationships to make that happen.”

“The ability to protect against cyber threats is an essential differentiator for manufacturers choosing a wireless microcontroller for industrial IoT applications,” said Michel De Mey, Vice President of the Industrial Solutions Division at onsemi. “With its advanced system-level security features and class-leading energy efficiency this revolutionary module provides a comprehensive wireless solution that OEMs and consumers can rely on.”

The Type 2EG module is already available through worldwide distributors. For more information on the solution, including specifications, evaluation tools, and purchase details, visit here.

(source : Murata)

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