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[Murata Products] Murata’s Extended Slim D1U54 Series Delivers Input V…

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  • Date : 23-10-18 07:48
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Murata today announced it has set a new performance benchmark with the extension of its D1U54 series. The D1U54T-M-2500-12-HxxC and D1U54-D-2500-12-HxxC rack mountable front-end converters are designed specifically for high-performance, high-power applications requiring high power density and efficiency standards. Target markets include Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Networking Equipment, Storage and Server applications.

These power supply converters deliver 2500W of continuous 12V output power from 90-277VAC or 190-400VDC HVDC efficiently achieving > 96% at 50 percent load, reducing energy consumption in large-scale redundant deployments. The compact 54.5mm × 321.5mm × 40.0mm package, achieves > 58W/in3 power density and provides complete protection against temperature, current, and voltage faults. The multi-function status LED indicator, and hardware signals, provide real-time status indication. The PMBus™ 1.2 compliant Digital communications bus supports a comprehensive command list, enabling systems to avoid faults, and maximize uptime.

This front-end power solution is an ideal solution for 12V distributed architectures or an application requiring delivery of highly reliable, efficient, scalable power in a slim form factor.

Detailed information, such as specifications, data sheets, and samples, can be found here: D1U54T-M-2500-12-HxxC and D1U54-D-2500-12-HxxC.

(Source : Murata) 

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