[Murata Products] Murata launches industry’s highest efficiency 3.3Vin, 10A buck converter for low profile applications <1.2mm > NOTICE

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[Murata Products] Murata launches industry’s highest efficiency 3.3Vin…

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Murata today announced the launch of the PE24108, the industry’s most efficient, 3.3Vin buck regulator IC with integrated switching field-effect transistors (FETs) for low profile < 1.2mm applications. The PE24108 will be exhibited at Electronica to be held at Munich Messe from November 15th to 18th, 2022. The device is based on Murata’s revolutionary 2-stage buck architecture – a virtually lossless switched capacitor, charge pump followed by a high-efficiency, dual-phase buck regulator – and is capable of delivering up to 10A of power with peak efficiency of 88% from 3.3Vin to 0.5Vout. The 2-stage solution enables the use of low profile, chip inductors making it ideal for placement on the underside of system boards, thus freeing valuable real-estate on the top side of the PCB. The PE24108 can be connected in parallel to provide high power, high efficiency solutions suitable for a variety of 3.3V to sub 1V step-down conversion applications such as optical transceiver module, network interface card and memory card.

“The exponential growth of data communication is pushing the power density limits of the our data networking infrastructure, particularly in 400G and 800G optical transceiver modules” said Shuji Mikami, general manager of the low-power products department. “The high-efficiency, low profile PE24108 solution allows the power train to be mounted on the underside PCB, in close proximity to the main DSP/ASIC core, reducing I2R losses and noise pick-up.”

As core voltages trend downwards and processor currents continue to increase, traditional buck converters become less efficient and depend on larger, higher profile inductors. In Murata’s innovative, 2-stage solutions, the first stage switched capacitors do most of the hard work by dividing down the input voltage. The second stage, low voltage, interleaved buck regulator functions with small size filter components and chip output inductance for use in low profile applications, such as underside PCB board placement. The interleaved design displays low input, output ripple and EMI signature, critical in high density, high data rate transmission applications.

Product features

The PE24108 is designed to operate over an input voltage range of 3.0V-3.6V and has programmable output voltage of 0.37V-1.0V at up to 10 amps. The PE24108 is designed for 3.3V point-of load applications where high efficiency, low profile, low ripple and EMI are essential. The output can be precisely adjustable via external DAC during operation. Frequency synchronization is also available to avoid any beat or spectrum noise issue at system level. Featuring an extended temperature range of −40 to +125°C, the PE24108 is fully protected with input undervoltage, overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown fault detection.

  • *Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

Packaging and availability

The PE24108 is offered on 4.0 × 3.2 mm QFN package. Samples are available now. Contact your regional sales representative for information about evaluation kits and volume-production parts.

Product pages

To learn more, visit the product page or watch our webinar on How Murata is Changing the Power Density Paradigm – Part.1 or How Murata is Changing the Power Density Paradigm – Part.2.

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