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[Murata Products] DMR35 Series Panel Meter Delivers AC Voltage & Curre…

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Murata announced five new additions to Murata Power Solutions’ DMR35 digital panel meter product line. The DMR35 series was developed for industrial instrumentation, factory automation, and other applications requiring the measurement of voltage or current. In addition to being suitable for new designs, DMR35 panel meters can also be used to retrofit and upgrade existing systems, as they are mechanical drop-in replacements for many legacy 2-1/4” analog panel meters. The five new products offer AC voltage and current measurement capabilities and include the following part numbers: DMR35-ACV1-AC1-R, DMR35-ACV2-AC1-R, DMR35-ACA1-AC1-R, DMR35-ACA2-AC1-R, and DMR35-ACMA1-AC1-R. Key features include a high visibility 11.4mm LED display readable from 10 feet (3m), and improved accuracy, ruggedness, and reliability over that of analog meters.

These five new DMR35 meters operate from an external 85-264 VAC power source, making them ideal for global applications. The numeric 3-1/2 digit display provides numeric measurements with 1% accuracy, while a 21 segment bar-graph provides the at-a-glance dynamic readability of an analog meter. Each meter provides up to four measurement ranges, so the five models can collectively replace nearly 20 analog meter types. These new DMR35 models also offer the ability to measure signals in either true RMS mode, or averaging mode. This unique feature provides measurement compatibility with both modern digital instrumentation and legacy analog meters.

“Through an advanced combination of proprietary architecture and package design, custom displays, and assembly techniques, we have produced a complete panel meter line that delivers the highest performance and reliability in the industry,” said Bill Smith, Senior Product Line Manager, Murata Power Solutions.

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