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Embedded Solutions for Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations

Empower your EV Stations

The rise of electric mobility is transforming the auto industry. EV charging now demands advanced grid systems, efficient chargers, and home energy integration, driving a surge in demand for widespread and efficient charging stations.


Catering to this demand, iWave has released a wide range of high-performance and reliable embedded computing platforms and solutions for powering EV Charging Stations and telematics solutions for electric vehicles.


i.MX 93 System on Module for 
EV Charging Controller Design

The i.MX 93 System on Modules serves as an ideal building block in designing an Electric Vehicle Charging Controller. Leveraging the security features, low-power modes, and display capabilities of the i.MX 93 Applications processor, the i.MX 93 SoM is seamlessly integrated with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

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i.MX 93 SoM
Telematics Unit

iWave Launches Telematics Connect Hub, 
a Secure, Cost-Optimized Solution 
for Electric Vehicles

A cost-optimized and secure telematics solution for electric vehicles. The Telematics Connect Hub in electric vehicles helps visualize driver and vehicle performance while gathering actionable insights on the battery health, charging schedule, EV station's analytics, routing, and dispatch workflows.

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Single Board Computers Powering 
EV Charging Displays

Designing a display monitor for a charging station requires high efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity levels. i.MX 8 & i.MX 6 Series based Single Board Computers with efficient graphics rendering and compatibility with interfaces such as HDMI, LVDS, and MIPI DSI, ensures a seamless and visually engaging user interface for EV Charging stations.

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i.MX 8 SBC
UDS Stack

Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) Protocol Stack Enabling Diagnostics in Electric Vehicles

The UDS protocol stack serves as a crucial component for troubleshooting, maintenance, and performance optimization of EVs. They establish robust communication framework, allowing diagnostics tools to communicate with various ECUs within the electric vehicle system.


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