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[Murata Products] Commercialized the High-Precision XRCGE_FXA Series A…

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  • Date : 23-12-04 08:12
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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Murata") has commercialized the high-precision "XRCGE_FXA" series automotive crystal unit (hereinafter "this product") in 2016 size. Mass production has already begun.

The use of automotive Ethernet and highly functional ICs in vehicle-mounted networks has increased in recent years, as more automobiles go electric and implement automated driving. These applications require devices with highly precise timing with a total frequency precision of ±50 ppm or less.

In response, Murata aimed to further optimize the design of its crystal units and its manufacturing processes, and has developed the following product, capable of a total oscillation frequency precision of ±50 ppm or less. Additionally, using Murata’s original packaging technology, while being highly reliable and having a low failure rate (particle-less), the product has been designed in a compact 2016 size.

We will continue to help bring safety and reliability to customers by expanding the use of highly reliable and high-performance crystal units.

Product characteristics

  1. High precision
  2. Highly reliable with a low failure rate (particle-less)


Oscillation frequency24 MHz to 30 MHz
Total frequency tolerance deviation *1±50ppm
Operating temperature range-40℃ to 125℃
  • *1Includes the following
    ・Frequency tolerance deviation(+25°C)
    ・Frequency temperature dependence (-40 to +125°C) (for value of +25°C)
    ・Frequency aging (+25°C, 15 years) (for default value)

Product details

Click here for product details.

Source : Murata

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